Charlie Koolhaas (UK)

Charlie is a Dutch artist and writer who grew up in London, UK and currently operates a studio out of Rotterdam, where she lives. Since Graduating with a BA in Sociology from New York University, she started her career working in magazines as editor and contributor of her writing and photography. After receiving an MA in Interactive Media from Goldsmith University in 2004 she moved to Guangzhou, China where she founded and edited the international journal UNIT magazine. In 2007 Charlie co-curated the Shenzhen Biennale of Urbanism and Architecture, China.
Charlie is interested in documenting the process through which multi-culturalism spurns new cultural hybrids, to examine the meaning of ‘identity’ at a time when identities are constantly dissolved and re-made. She takes the city as the place in which to investigate these cultural exchanges and hybrids. The city is the incubator for this emerging multicultural world and the stage for all the tensions that arise from the clashing together of differing ideologies and lifestyles. In her images and writing, even seemingly mundane urban scenes allude to past dramas; they capture how cities are always changing and accumulating new layers and traces of intertwining stories.
The time of Charlie’s presentation will be announced at a later date.