Friday 8 June 13.00 – 19.00 hrs
Zomerhof quarter, Zomerhofstraat,  Rotterdam NL

Love Public Space! | Hate Public Space! | Hack Public Space! | Defend Public Space! | F*ck Public Space!

Public Space is the mirror of society. It’s the place where we perform our every-day cultural exchange. We meet, eat, party, play, demonstrate and clash in public space. With the ‘We Love Public Space’ Festival (WLPS) we celebrate public space and pay tribute to everyone who is professionally involved in city making. The aim of the Festival is to establish an open conversation about how city makers deal with developments that determine the design and use of public space.

The WLPS Festival is broad-orientated and freely accessible. An open and dynamic platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience between city makers; from architect to artist, from designer to urban planner.

Ode to Public Space
The Festival will be opened with the ‘Ode to Public Space’, followed by an extensive program with contributions from both national and international city makers; ranging from Antwerp, to Ljubljana and Prague. The event will end with a street-happening. With street food, acts and performances we will celebrate public space in all its facets.