we love public space festival

Dear public space lovers,

This Friday we would have celebrated public space with the 4th edition of the ‘We Love Public Space’ Festival. Unfortunately the event can not take place this year so instead we want to share this impression of last years edition (in Dutch). Hopefully conditions will be different next year, so to stay tuned sign up for the newsletter. 

We Love Public Space! 

With thanks to CBK Rotterdam


We are sorry to have to announce that the 4th edition of the ‘We Love Public Space’ Festival cannot take place this year. 

Allthough we feel now is the time, more than ever, to stand up for public space, to celebrate it and pay tribute to its resilience, under the given circumstances it is just not possible to organize the event in a way we feel would do right to our goal; adressing urgent topics in public space, in both an inspiring way and setting. 

It is precisely the dynamic, interactive mix of events – presentations, workshops and interventions – and people -designers, artists, civilians, in short public space lovers – that make the Festival into an unique experience. We have come to the conclusion that this cannot be achieved by streaming on a digital platform.   

Hopefully the circumstances will be better next year, so stay tuned. We Love Public Space!
The We Love Public Space Team.