Venderstrooik & Terrorkittens


“Welcome to the Terror Kittens galaxy, full of glitter planets, rainbow waves and pixel glitches.”

Terror Kittens is a multidisciplinary brand. With installations and performances they create a visual spectacle by bringing several disciplines together. Terror Kittens create a world and a total ambiance in which set, clothes, styling and music become a symbiose. 

Venderstrooik are the infamous electroclash terrorists from Alphen aan den Rijn. Armed with their own dark detuned sounds, they will strike hard, quickly and efficient. A genre in itself, which you can view as a guerrilla movement against modern society with the music that plays a role in it. The “Crustacean LP” launched this year on Electronic Emergencies has proven us what they are capable of.

Together Venderstrooik & Terrorkittens create variable soundscapes which can also be called musical landscapes.

Teilingerstraat 120, 3032 AW Rotterdam