Sander van der Ham

Sander works as an urban psychologist in the field of urban development, among others for Stipo and Stichting Thuismakers Collectief. As an urban psychologist he does research on the relation between human behaviour and the build urban environment. Recurring themes in his work are the transition between private and public space (the stoop), feeling at home (why do people feel at home?), communities and social networks. He works mainly for housing corporations, municipalities and developers to create places where people feel pleasant, experience a sense of ownership and maybe even feel at home. 

Ron van Vliet

Ik ben stadsmaker in meest brede zin van het woord.
Ik houd van mooie gebouwen, mooie plekken maar ik houd vooral van de wijze waarop mensen hun stad maken.

Wat doen ze; wat beweegt hen; hoe grijpen ze in om hun omgeving echt hún omgeving te maken.
Mijn ambitie in mijn werk is om die menselijke maat te brengen in al die grote lijnen, grote projecten en groot geld.

Met humor, slimheid, kennis van zaken. En door zo veel mogelijk te luisteren.

Marieke Hillen

Marieke Hillen initiates, coordinates and writes within the field of urban development. She tries to develop a form of slow criticism that keeps up pace with the slow urbanism of the projects she initiates. Hillen initiates projects that include locals, and works mainly in mixed neighbourhoods like Rotterdam-West. Singeldingen is a recurrent festival in the summer months. Encounters, music, experiments, poetry, educational projects, tea, coffee, cooks all play a role in an accessible event. Recently, she and others started the Wijkpaleis – a place to have it made. It is an emerging initiative that breathes new live into the makers culture that is existent in Rotterdam-West. It motivates people to broaden their horizon by making and considers the neighbourhood as a social library in which you can consult and utilize the capabilities and knowledge of neighbours.

Marieke Hillen is a wild thinker who not only builds theories but also realizes them. She starts unorthodox forms of cooperation and exchange. Her bottom-up initiatives create new views on society.

Vera van de Nieuwenhof

Vera van de Nieuwenhof studied architectural history at the University of Amsterdam. She produced the lectures and debates of Het Nieuwe Instituut and the Moneylab symposium for Institute of Network Cultures until she decided to cycle to Japan. Nowadays she is based in Kunming (China) where she develops cultural initiatives for

Vera Regina van de Nieuwenhof

Saskia Naafs

Saskia Naafs is a journalist and urban sociologist. She lives in Rotterdam and writes about urban development, housing, smart cities and technology for weekly De Groene Amsterdammer.

Floor van Ditzhuyzen

Floor van Ditzhuyzen is an architect and urban designer at the Ontwerpwerkplaats, an interdisciplinary spatial designstudio based in Rotterdam. The studio operates on the treshold of interior design, small-scale architecture and public space. Leading in the work of the Ontwerpwerkplaats is the human scale, in both interior and exterior design. 

Besides her practice as an architect Floor is engaged in teaching and research with public space as central focus; especially how spatial interventions can transform the character of public spaces and and the way they are experienced.  This interest culminated in design research into waiting as a public activity (with Bas Sala & Sander van der Ham) and how friction can be used as a design strategy for public space. 

This year she conducted a workshop – Public Space Detective – with students from ARGUS, the Masters Architecture students association of the TU Delft. The results of the workshop will be presented at the Festival.

Within the team of the We Love Public Space Festival she is responsible for research and content development.

Bas Sala

Bas Sala is owner and head designer of Studio Bas Sala.  Bas Sala is the initiator of the We Love Public Space festival and responsible for the festival concept and program.

About Studio Bas Sala

Studio Bas Sala is an interdisciplinary design studio in Rotterdam. We design and realize innovative projects in public space, IOT products and interiors. Interactivity and design research play an important role in our work.

Our designs invite people to sit, play, think, do nothing and often evoke smiles. Interdisciplinary cooperation (with professionals and non-professionals) and high-quality products play a central role in our work. Many of our projects initiated itself and not only focused on the physical appearance, but also the way they are used and how they can be anything other than financial gain.

Owner and head designer Bas Sala is the initiator of the We Love Public Space festival and responsible for the festival concept and program.

photo Diamond Smart Rainbarrel: Vera Duivenvoorden