Floor van Ditzhuyzen

Floor van Ditzhuyzen is an architect and urban designer at the Ontwerpwerkplaats, an interdisciplinary spatial designstudio based in Rotterdam. The studio operates on the treshold of interior design, small-scale architecture and public space. Leading in the work of the Ontwerpwerkplaats is the human scale, in both interior and exterior design. 

Besides her practice as an architect Floor is engaged in teaching and research with public space as central focus; especially how spatial interventions can transform the character of public spaces and and the way they are experienced.  This interest culminated in design research into waiting as a public activity (with Bas Sala & Sander van der Ham) and how friction can be used as a design strategy for public space. 

This year she conducted a workshop – Public Space Detective – with students from ARGUS, the Masters Architecture students association of the TU Delft. The results of the workshop will be presented at the Festival.

Within the team of the We Love Public Space Festival she is responsible for research and content development.