Floor van Ditzhuyzen

Floor van Ditzhuyzen is an architect and co-founder of the Ontwerpwerkplaats, an interdisciplinary spatial designstudio based in Rotterdam. The studio operates on the treshold of interior design, small-scale architecture and public space. Leading in the work of the Ontwerpwerkplaats is the human scale, in both interior and exterior design. 

Besides her practice as an architect Floor is engaged in teaching and research, with public space as central focus. She is also known as the Public Space Detective, on ongoing research project into common and uncommon phenomena in public space. Within the team of the We Love Public Space Festival she is responsible for research and content development. 


Martine Verwaaijen

Martine Verwaaijen is passionate about how urban design impacts our lives. While studying at King’s College London, Martine discovered her passion for urban design and how it’s linked to people’s behaviour. For her thesis she conducted qualitative research on how urban design influenced physical activity behaviour. During this research, the work of Jan Gehl became an inspiration. She’s looking into continuing her thesis research in Rotterdam. 

Martine is currently working as a Quality Assurance Officer at Willem de Kooning Academy. Prior to that she organised festivals and events in the Rotterdam arts & culture sector.

Ron Blom

Ron Blom is a conceptual artist and filmmaker. He develops social-artistic projects with art and media, focused on placemaking and the creation of value and meaning for public space.

Public space as a meeting place
Vegetable gardens, murals, cultural events and markets.  Often in co-creation with local owners and inhabitants.

Besides making the city, Ron is also investigating and organising the social and cultural aspects of city-life. Ritual spaces and meeting places.

For the We Love Public Space Festival, Ron developed the website. He’s responsible for the Art-program together with Floor van Ditzhuyzen and is co-organiser of the festival.