Ricardo Torres (Peru)

Latinoamerica and the introduction of a makerspace

The introduction of a makerspace in Lima is our goal in the last 3 years. We were working in our context a concept of makerspace that can show the people how important can be to create, repair and design, and that life is not only to buy and throw to the garbage. This adventure was making us to modify our strategies and models, from the original idea to be an open place, almost a public space vs be closed and create things for showing in a public space. Last 3 years we were learning how to aim to this context and how to achieve our goals of creators and at the same time being a sustainable independent business. Now, after this long exploration, we are aiming to two main activities: The first one make a factory/store with the products of local creators that also can teach how things are coming to this world. In the other hand we are aiming to promote the activities of designing the spaces by collaboration of the users of the places and then take this designs and make them in real life.

Ricardo will give a google hangout presentation.

What is a google hangout presentation ?

This is a  live-streamed presentation by google hangout or skype by someone who is not present at the Festival.