Jakub Mikuláštík&Karolína Kripnerová (TJE)

Wayfinding system – Vltavská
 Architekti bez hranic is a group of architects and designers working in and with public space, with focus on excluded areas and people in the city. Wayfinding systém – Vltavská is self-initiated project of Architekti bez hranic, the aim was to help people to navigate in a complex serie of tunnels and underpasses under the busy highway, which lack any orientation systém, public lighting and in general it is very neglected area, even though it’s frequently used by pedestrians, cyclists and tourists. Wayfinding system we designed and realized was not only to create some solution for problems this place have, but mainly to point out and start disscussion about ways how Vltavská area could be revitalized.

Jakub & Karolína will give a google hangout presentation.

What is a google hangout presentation ?

This is a  live-streamed presentation by google hangout or skype by someone who is not present at the Festival.


Architekti bez hranic