Boukje Vastbinder | presentation results of workshop

 Who picks up the bill (for implementing your innovation)?
This session by Noorderwind is an interactive and high-energy gathering of experienced professionals with the drive to get a better grip on the question: ‘who picks up the bill?’ For who? Those of you that have already developed a product or service which you think could fullfill the needs of more then 1 customer and those of you merely interested in getting to learn more about how to investigate potential revenue models for a new product are welcome! What are we going to do? Work in small groups, with a practical business mapping tool from Noorderwind, to help you map potential business models for your own ideas and eventually work towards designing a blueprint for a potential ‘go to market’ strategy. How? With these sessions we aim to shake you up and enrich you with new insights, but most of all: we will hope to give you input which you can use to turn your idea into a real businesscase that makes impact on a larger scale.