Bas Sala (NL)

The Zoho Rain Letters. Rainwater buffer and area icon in one.
We are dealing with increasingly extreme weather. Longer periods of drought alternate with large amounts of rain in a short time. The sewer cannot always handle so much water, causing inconveniences. The Zoho Rain Letters designed by Studio Bas Sala contribute to the solution for these inconveniences. The letters are a rainwater buffer and a signboard for the neighborhood. The letters Zoho refer to Zomerhofkwartier, the name for this area. The rainwater from the roof of the Hofbogen is led to the letters and thus does not enter the sewer. The smart system in the letters looks at the weather forecast via the internet. When a heavy shower is approaching, the letters release water into the surrounding garden and thus create buffer capacity for the coming rain shower. This way we relieve the sewer. During long periods of drought, it will retain water to provide the surrounding greenery with water. This sustainable system also works on solar energy. The Zoholetters have been developed and built in Rotterdam. For the production Studio Bas Sala has worked with Wijkcooporatie Noord. This organization works with volunteers from Rotterdam Noord.
Studio Bas Sala