Alenka Korenjak (SLO)

“Beyond ownership – public spaces in residential neighbourhoods of postsocialist cities”
 Renewal of public space in post-socialist housing estates in Slovenia poses a great challenge. “Social property”, denationalisation and past privatisation processes resulted in an unclear cadastral status and ownership of public spaces, along with poor maintenance and land fragmentation. Any renewal process was hindered by the lack of both public and private funding. To understand why renewal of public spaces in housing estates is such a difficult process, we conducted a research study and an awareness-raising campaign. The broad range of issues identified by interviewees showed that spatial issues on small, neighbourhood scales are embedded in a wider political, legislative and social context. The on-going process of transition from a socialist to a neoliberal system meant complicated ownership issues and affected the development and renewal. However, we noticed that the most pronounced issues are related to poor communication and lack of mechanisms for public participation. As a non-government organisation, we address this topic through several different projects. We tackle the issues and strive for solutions through tactical urbanism, temporary interventions in public spaces, events, public space renewal with inclusion of residents, with workshops for city municipalities and by raising awareness, by preparing strategies for introduction of Offices for renewal in different cities, and much more.

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