Willemijn Lofvers (NL)

Een voorbeeld: Stemmen van de Peperklip.

Aan de hand van een studio onderzoek presenteren we een werkwijze en een voorstel voor een inclusieve aanpak van de Peperklip. Centraal staat de vraag van wie is de publieke ruimte, hoe ver reikt zij en wie kan daar aanspraak op maken? En wat betekenen innovatieve klimaat adaptieve strategieën voor gemengd gebruik en andere vormen van samenwerking, dan wel beheer? In de studio Stemmen van de Peperklip zijn we samen met diverse betrokkenen op zoek gegaan naar strategieën die gebouw en haar bewoners sociaal en fysiek veerkrachtig maken.



Play-Public –
 In January 2018 ARGUS, the Masters Architecture student association of TU Delft hosted a public space workshop in the Stationsplein Rotterdam. We tested out a format of event, collectively learning about the public nature of the square alongside practioners Ontwerpwerkplaats & Ron Blom, ZUS and boyscout designer. Quick presentations alternated with actions responding to the site and the provocations of our collaborators. What did we find out as a result of our hands-on in-situ activities and discussions? What did we learn from the process of organising the workshop?

Luca van der Putten (NL)

Participatie in de publieke ruimte, hoe dan en wie doet er mee?
 Participatie als oplossing voor veel problemen in onze stedelijke maatschappij. Klimaatverandering, vereenzaming, segregatie, radicalisering, gezondheid, veiligheid, leefbaarheid, verdichting, verslimming, en nog vele andere thema’s worden hierbij aangehaald. Stadsmaker Luca van der Putten van Plan Bruist laat via een aantal spraakmakende projecten zien op welke manieren deze uitdagingen worden aangegaan in de publieke ruimte van Amsterdam. Wat is de invloed op de invulling en het gebruik van die publieke ruimte, wie doen er mee en hoe zijn de rollen verdeeld? In een flits komen vier initiatieven langs waar Luca bij betrokken is (geweest), te weten: • Het PlantageLab; op het terrein van een voormalig HTS complex is een experimenteertuin opgezet voor duurzame initiatieven in de buitenruimte. • De Buurtcamping; één weekend lang kampeert en organiseert de buurt in haar eigen park een heuse Buurtcamping. • De Regenwacht; zij helpt gestrande bewoners(initiatieven) bij het klimaatbestendig maken van hun directe leefomgeving. • Ontdek jouw buur(t) met de Buurtgids; lokale gidsen leiden hun (nieuwe) buren rond in de buurt. Hoe verhouden deze projecten zich tot het ‘meedoen’ van gebruikers van de publieke ruimte, en hoe wordt daar door de institutionele partijen mee omgegaan?
Plan Bruist

Ricardo Torres (Peru)

Latinoamerica and the introduction of a makerspace

The introduction of a makerspace in Lima is our goal in the last 3 years. We were working in our context a concept of makerspace that can show the people how important can be to create, repair and design, and that life is not only to buy and throw to the garbage. This adventure was making us to modify our strategies and models, from the original idea to be an open place, almost a public space vs be closed and create things for showing in a public space. Last 3 years we were learning how to aim to this context and how to achieve our goals of creators and at the same time being a sustainable independent business. Now, after this long exploration, we are aiming to two main activities: The first one make a factory/store with the products of local creators that also can teach how things are coming to this world. In the other hand we are aiming to promote the activities of designing the spaces by collaboration of the users of the places and then take this designs and make them in real life.

Ricardo will give a google hangout presentation.

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Viktor Kasala (SK) / Todor Kesarovski (BG)

European Placemaking Toolbox
As active members of the European Placemaking Network (EPN), Todor Kesarovski (Bulgaria) and Viktor Kasala (Slowakia) will introduce the first version of the European Placemaking Toolbox and it’s importance for the EPN. They will share their experience with the development of the toolbox so far and explore their ideas for the future, with it’s possibilities and challenges. In the coming years this open source toolbox will be expanded with tools that are used all over Europe. In search for both the practical use and the professional development Todor and Viktor would also like to hear your thoughts!

Victor and Todor will give a google hangout presentation.

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European Placemaking Toolbox


Bouke Bruins (NL)

Boyscout Designer || Observe react act
The frayed edges of the public space is the area Bouke Bruins works in. With his project Boyscout Designer he is uniting the world of design with the world of the boy scouts by creating playful urban interventions. His starting point is that the (over-)shaping of public space leads to extreme regulation which in turn makes users passive. Boy scouts are taught to engage with their environment in an active and responsible manner. The Boyscout Designer is a model for Bouke Bruins to explore his opportunities as a designer. The Boyscout Designer understands how to bend rules on behalf of his design, works from the perspective of the user, and gets involved with the community. He travels both village and city, and keeps his eyes open for new initiatives, places, objects and services. The Boyscout Designer shares his experiences online and offline and combines design with research. The Boyscout Designer creates guerilla-interventions which provoke reaction in the city of Eindhoven, for a nicer, more stimulating and efficient public space. The concept of the Boyscout Designer is furthermore growing into a movement; a network of users and designers who together pursue a bottom-up approach to using public space.
Boyscout Designer

David del Valle (COL)

Born in 1988 in Medellín Colombia, he studied Industrial Design in Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Medellín.

In 2010 he started working for the company Rolformados SA as their first plant Designer, where he developed his first Architectural projects with large-scale products, which allowed him to form the Design group that today lead the department in the company.
In 2012 he starts his own business project Tu Taller Design S.A.S a company that he leads with his co-founder Julian Del Valle.

During his career, his passion for physics and mathematics has led him to explorations in the field of materials and product development.  Currently, he is Design Director for the Poligono Brand, a line dedicated to designing, developing and producing objects that are somewhere between Art and Design. He also acts as Director of the international event Design Week of Medellín (which he also Co-Founded) where he presents the best design studies of Colombia and the world.  His last project is MakerHome, an initiative in which he focuses on developing modular houses of wood, with digital fabrication tools and quick ensembling times.

David H. Del Valle also develops Desing Consulting for companies, organizations and public entities as well as products and projects as an Industrial Designer.

Medellin, COL  05001000

Tel: +57 3004657260


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Jakub Mikuláštík&Karolína Kripnerová (TJE)

Wayfinding system – Vltavská
 Architekti bez hranic is a group of architects and designers working in and with public space, with focus on excluded areas and people in the city. Wayfinding systém – Vltavská is self-initiated project of Architekti bez hranic, the aim was to help people to navigate in a complex serie of tunnels and underpasses under the busy highway, which lack any orientation systém, public lighting and in general it is very neglected area, even though it’s frequently used by pedestrians, cyclists and tourists. Wayfinding system we designed and realized was not only to create some solution for problems this place have, but mainly to point out and start disscussion about ways how Vltavská area could be revitalized.

Jakub & Karolína will give a google hangout presentation.

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Architekti bez hranic



Alenka Korenjak (SLO)

“Beyond ownership – public spaces in residential neighbourhoods of postsocialist cities”
 Renewal of public space in post-socialist housing estates in Slovenia poses a great challenge. “Social property”, denationalisation and past privatisation processes resulted in an unclear cadastral status and ownership of public spaces, along with poor maintenance and land fragmentation. Any renewal process was hindered by the lack of both public and private funding. To understand why renewal of public spaces in housing estates is such a difficult process, we conducted a research study and an awareness-raising campaign. The broad range of issues identified by interviewees showed that spatial issues on small, neighbourhood scales are embedded in a wider political, legislative and social context. The on-going process of transition from a socialist to a neoliberal system meant complicated ownership issues and affected the development and renewal. However, we noticed that the most pronounced issues are related to poor communication and lack of mechanisms for public participation. As a non-government organisation, we address this topic through several different projects. We tackle the issues and strive for solutions through tactical urbanism, temporary interventions in public spaces, events, public space renewal with inclusion of residents, with workshops for city municipalities and by raising awareness, by preparing strategies for introduction of Offices for renewal in different cities, and much more.

Alenka  will give a google hangout presentation.

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This is a  live-streamed presentation by google hangout or skype by someone who is not present at the Festival.

KD prostoRož


Paula Arntzen / Juliette Nielsen (NL)

Trace of passing
Trace of passing is a permanent lighting project for eleven railway arches of the former Hofplein line in Rotterdam North. The aim of the project is to make the cultural heritage of this prominent building visible in the evening and to discourage anti-social behaviour by further developing pride and ownership. During the venue we will introduce the project concept to the public and discuss the impact that creative light improvements can have to the area. Initiated by lighting designers Beersnielsen and Studio Arntzen and supported by City at Eye Level & Zoho.
Studio Arntzen