program 2019

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Pip Passchier (NL);

Maarten Inghels (BE);

Maurik Stomps (NL);

Charlie Koolhaas (UK);

Atelier Ari (NL);

Donica Buisman (NL), directeur van RAUM Utrecht;

Marc Bukman & Ruud Reutelingsperger over de Bron van Middelland (NL);

Rebecca Crawford the Bodyurbanist (AUS);

Caroline Nevejan (NL);

Jeroen Jongeleen (NL);

Afaina de Jong (NL);

Macha Roesink (NL);


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Guest curator: 

Selma Hengeveld (NL);

foto: Tarona Leonora

This year we’re working with a guest-curator, Selma Hengeveld. Selma is a visual artist and works with photography, film and performance. In her work she conducts research into social structures and public space. She followed the occupation of a piece of no man’s land, made an audio performance about Tinder and wondered how we can visualise the phenomenon of bureaucracy. These and more of her work can be found at

Lectures, workshops and performances are programmed simultaneously at an inspiring location that is representative for the Festival. This year the location is for the 3rd time the ZoHo quarter, one of the most active city maker areas in the Netherlands.

Workshop & excursions

1 FREEZONE | Vrije Ruimte

more info soon